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Name Title Departments:
Hon. Alexandro C. Castro (Chairman) Chief Justice CNMI Supreme Court
James C. Deleon Guerrero (Vice Chair) Commissioner Department of Public Safety
Hon. Robert Naraja Presiding Judge CNMI Superior Court
Hon. Edward Manibusan Elected official & Retired Judge CNMI Attorney General Office
Robert Deleon Guerrero Commissioner Department of Correction
Douglas Hartig CNMI Public Defender Public Defender Office
Ramon B. Camacho Chairman Board Of Parole
Dr. Rita A. Sablan Commissioner Public School System
VACANT VACANT Rota Representative
Ignacio Aquiningoc Tinian Rep. Community Member
John Tagabuel   Carolinian Affairs Office
VACANT Chairman CJPA Youth Advisory Council
Hon. Jerome Aldan Mayor Northern Islands Rep. Official
VACANT Women Representative Community
Patrick Tenorio Citizen Representative Community
James Arenovski Citizen Representative Community

**Chairman is appointed by the governor
**Vice Chair is voted amongst the members.
**Members are Ex-Oficio Members

Membership to this council is voluntary and serve at the pleasure of the Governor until removed or replaced.
Membership does not require Senate confirmation. Members do not receive any compensation for membership.


Name Title Agency:
VACANT Acting Chairman COTA Administrator
Patrick Diaz Clerk of Court CNMI Superior Court
Conrad Manglona Tinian Representative DPS Tinian
Yvonne R. Pangelinan Principal San Vicente Elem. School
Trisia A. Manglona Rota Representative DPS Rota
Sylvio Ada Juvenile Probation Officer DYS
Joseph Kevin Villagomez Family Court Manager Division of Familty Court
John Peter Cruz Youth Representative Community
Claudio K . Norita Community Member Community
Shirley Camacho-Ogumoro Community Member Board Of Parole
Maxine Pangelinan Youth Representative Community Member
Shirley Norita Community Member Kagman High School
Eulalia Villagomez Community Representative CNMI Council for Humanities
Hon.George Camacho Elected Official CNMI Legislature
VACANT Community Member  

Chairman is appointed by the Governor
Vice Chairman is voted amongst the members
Membership to the CNMI Youth Advisory Council (YAC) shall be appointed by the Governor in accordance with the provision of the Section 223 (a) of the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (JJDP) Act of 1974, as amended through December 8, 1980, Public Law 93-415 (93rd Congress, September 7, 1974). The creation of the State Advisory Group (SAG), also known as the CNMI YAC is a must have requirement of the Act through the Title II formula grant to support the justice systems response to juvenile delinquency.
Members do not receive any compensation for membership.
*Youth Members