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The mission of the Northern Marianas Commonwealth Council for the Improvement of the Criminal Justice System is to provide a safe environment and to protect the lives of the people of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands through pursuant of Executive Order No. 16 & Public Law No. 13-53.


The Criminal Justice Planning Agency is committed to provide service to the public and community programs by securing federal funds on critical criminal justice needs under the direction of the Governor, Supervisory Council and Youth Advisory Council. The CJPA currently function in a manner to achieve these two broad goals:
1. To successfully administer federal programs relating to the CNMI criminal justices system by preparing and developing annual State Plan application for federal funds that will benefit the CNMI criminal justice system and monitoring and evaluating criminal justices programs and projects funded under CJPA administering programs
2. To collect, analyze and report criminal justice statistical data with in the CNMI by collecting criminal justice statistics required by the grantor agencies; analyzing and reporting criminal justice statistics that will benefit the CNMI government, private sector, community as well as the federal grantor agencies; automating the criminal justice system within the CNMI; and disseminating criminal justice information through various methods, such as Annual Crime Report, Bureau of Justice Statistics and CJPA-Statistical Analysis Center website.

In addition, CJPA has long-term and short-term goals and objectives. The goals outlined in the Executive Order No. 16 are primarily long-term and permanent goals and objectives of CJPA. They include the following:
1. To serve as the State Criminal Justice Planning Agency of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands under the supervision of the Council and subject to the jurisdiction of the Governor.
2. To function in a manner consistent with the Constitution and laws of the Commonwealth and pursuant to the Federal Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968, as amended, and the Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention Act of 1974, as amended, and other related federal laws.
3. To advise and assist the Governor in developing policies, plans, programs, and budgets for improving the coordination, administration and effectiveness of the criminal justice system in the Commonwealth.
4. To prepare a Commonwealth comprehensive criminal justice plan and related grant applications on behalf of the Governor. Such plan, and any substantial modification thereof, shall be submitted to the Council for approval. Upon approval by the Council, such plan shall be submitted to the Governor who shall submit it to the Commonwealth Legislature for its advisory review of the goals, priorities and policies contained therein. Such plan shall be periodically updated, shall be based on an analysis of the Commonwealth criminal justice needs and problems, and shall conform to the Commonwealth and federal regulations.
5. To establish goals, priorities and standards for the reduction of crime and the improvement of the administration of justice in the Commonwealth.
6. To recommend legislation to the Governor and the Legislature relating to criminal justice.
7. To encourage comprehensive justice planning efforts.
8. To monitor, evaluate and coordinate programs and projects, funded in whole or in part by the Commonwealth Government, aimed at reducing crime and juvenile delinquency and improving the administration of justice.
9. To cooperate with and render technical assistance to Commonwealth public or private agencies relating to the criminal justice system.
10. To apply for, contract, receive, and expend for its purposes any appropriations or grants from the Commonwealth, the Federal Government, or any other source, public or private, in accordance with the appropriate process.
11. To have the authority to collect from any Commonwealth department, agency, instrumentality, office or other entity, information data, reports, statistics or such other material which is necessary to carry out the Council's or the Agency's functions.
12. To perform such other duties or functions as may be required by or delegated by the Council to carry out the purpose of this order.